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Bring Back The Music
Bring Back The Music

North of Superior
North of Superior

The King of White Otter Lake
The King of White Otter Lake

If you've been looking for the song from the IMAX film "NORTH OF SUPERIOR", look no further - you have found it!

If you haven't been looking, then know that you have stumbled upon the answer to two of the most puzzling and compelling mysteries of the 20th century, namely "What is the name of the man who helped to shape cinematic history by writing and performing the song "Ojibway Country" for the legendary IMAX film, "NORTH OF SUPERIOR" and "Whatever became of him?"

By coming here, you have inadvertently solved both those mysteries. The "Bill Houston" of this website is the same Bill Houston who wrote and performed the song for "NORTH OF SUPERIOR", the world famous IMAX film which premiered in May of 1971 at the world's first IMAX theatre, "Cinesphere". The event was the grand opening of "Ontario Place" in Toronto, Canada. The film received rave reviews at the time and has continued to thrill millions of viewers ever since.

In 1975, elated by the enduring success of the film and in response to continued public demand for the music, Bill included "Ojibway Country" (the song from "NORTH OF SUPERIOR") on his album "The King Of White Otter Lake" (The album has since become a cult classic and collectors' item). Then, in 1978 he promptly disappeared from the "matrix" to pursue a "normal" married life, helping to raise two beautiful daughters in Thunder Bay, (formerly the twin cities of Port Arthur & Fort William and also known as "The Lakehead" - a community of over 100,000 people hugging the north shore of Lake Superior in the faraway northwest region of Ontario's mysterious hinterland).

In 1997, he recorded updated versions of "Ojibway Country" and "The King Of White Otter Lake" along with new material on a second album entitled "North Of Superior".

More recently, aside from performing at music festivals, halls and malls, university coffeehouses and house concerts, Bill has recorded a third album "Bring Back The Music" with all new material, produced by Paul Mills (Stan Rogers, Ron Hynes). In addition to more great songs about the north country, this latest effort also showcases Bill's amazing versatility as a "genre crossing" singer/songwriter who can compete with the best in the world. He is indeed living proof that songwriting knows no limits and does not have to be bound by the usual constraints of either traditional preferences or popular tastes.

So let your mouse do the walking through our little maze to find out more about Bill Houston and his music. On Bill's "Links" page can be found the sites of some of Canada's top musicians as well as Bill's favourite websites of interest on a variety of topics.

Navigate, peruse, explore and surf to your heart's delight, or leave in a wink by a link, but remember, this domain lies outside the "matrix" and is strategically located where all roads lead to "Home".


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"Bring Back the Music" can be purchased or downloaded online at http://cdbaby.com/cd/billhouston.

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