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The King of White Otter Lake

"The King of White Otter Lake" is Bill's first album. The title track from this album tells the tale of Jimmy McQuat, a persistent and ingenious man who built a castle on White Otter Lake near Ignace, ON. Jimmy became a legend and the song became Bill Houston's most published and reproduced work.

The King of White Otter Lake (1975)

  1. This is Canada (Lyrics)
  2. Workin' on the Railway (Lyrics)
  3. Canadian History (Lyrics)
  4. Mr. Reins (Lyrics)
  5. Ojibway Country (Lyrics & Sample)
  6. Open Spaces (Lyrics)
  7. The King of White Otter Lake (Lyrics & Sample)
  8. Only Way to Build a Railroad (Lyrics)
  9. Northern Journey (Lyrics)
  10. Railroad Town (Lyrics)


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